Geeks! Lend me your votes!

Nerd grammar war! Which is correct:

< a href=”“>The weather is nice today< /a>.
< a href=”“>The weather is nice today.< /a>

(Props to my geekhero for the inspiration and lively discussion on all things code.)


10 thoughts on “Geeks! Lend me your votes!

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  3. Kyle: I believe you, Doug, and I punctuate similarly. With logic and common sense firmly in mind. The problem with that, is that the rules of punctuation are not absolute.

    In fact, America tends to be an enormous prat when it comes to the ordering of commas, periods, and quotation marks. American style dictates that no matter what you’re quoting, or whether or not it is a complete phrase, the period/comma always goes before the quotation mark.

    I do not support my idiotic country in this matter of utmost importance. It can shove its mis-ordered punctuation up the Grand Canyon.

  4. Kyle got it close, it should follow the rules for parenthesis, not quotations. (I agree that the quotations rule is dumb.)

    What’s your take on comma separated lists and the “and” at the end; comma or not? eg. monkeys, bicycles, toilets, and road rage OR monkeys, bicycles, toilets and road rage (notice no comma before “and” in second list).

  5. hey Matt!

    I use the serial comma (before “and” in a list) unless the final two items must go together as a set:

    “I love my parents, David and Rosalind.” (David and Rosalind are both my parents.)
    “I love my parents, David, and Rosalind.” (The serial comma causes the reader to think David and Rosalind are not my parents, when they really are.)

    All the same … serial comma FTW!

  6. Absolutely, you should always put that comma there before the and for exactly that reason. eg a list of people, some are couples, some are not: I’m inviting John, Brian and Melissa, Ralph, Linda, and Bill and Jo.

    Sadly most people believe the rule to be no comma before the and. We should start some sort of awareness campaign.
    You’re awesome.

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