Stick me, baby

Val and I went over to Tyndale’s blood drive during lunch. She’d never given before, but I’ve been stuck with those needles and doused with iodine plenty of times. Ironically, she gave like a champ, but they couldn’t get a single drop out of me! Not that I was shocked by the results. … I have deep, rolling veins that get shy around strangers. I’m also quite squishy, which can’t make that any easier (though poking me must be kinda fun). Three jovial and kind nurses tried their best, but to no avail. I suppose I’ll keep hoarding all my O-positive blood to myself. I can’t say I minded lying down for twenty minutes during the work day. Perhaps the next time Heartland comes around I’ll try again—if only to share a laugh and a toes-up with some amusing people and get free cookies and juice out of the deal.


3 thoughts on “Stick me, baby

  1. I have veins just like yours! i tried giving blood once, the nurses felt around my arms and said, NOPE! they wouldnt even try!!..i dont blame them though..there have been times it has taken 45 minutes just to draw one small vile of blood for testing!!

  2. I’m glad I’m not alone!
    Once they find the veins, I can fill a bag in 5 minutes… but the whole searching/poking/fishing process is what takes so long! Ah well.

    *munches on her free cookies*

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