What is it with 9’s?

All my life, the number 9 has followed me around. I realize that humans are programmed to look for patterns (even where there are none), but it really seems like every time I turn around I’m #9 again. Well, once again, the number pops up. According to an enneagram test, this is the core of who I am:

ennegram #9

The way it sums up my basic motivation in life is thus: “I must be peaceful and easy to get along with to be happy.”

Is this true? Perhaps. I often find myself doing my level best to avoid conflict, make peace, and understand all sides of a situation. I think this works well with my emotional side and well as my practical inclinations. I don’t think I can be very happy if there is strife (and I certainly can’t be happy if it involves me directly!).

What are you?


One thought on “What is it with 9’s?

  1. I’m a 9 too. But I noticed questions like these in the test:

    *My thoughtfulness and charitable nature are my foundation.
    *I like to be popular.
    **I am a domineering person
    (N.B. I suspect our answers to this were ‘no’.)

    So it seems to me that the test is gathering those up and saying, “You are thoughtful, need to be liked and tend to avoid conflict.” Not really rocket science.

    Just my $.02.

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