Wheezing, coughing, & cracking up

What happens when an engineer owns a cat?

Best. Video. Ever.

Thanks, Mom!


4 thoughts on “Wheezing, coughing, & cracking up

  1. Yes, it’s THAT Helen! I just had to comment on this video. No surprises here, but I LOVED it! I showed it to my brother because he was an engineering major (until recently) and he thought it was hilarious! We engage in corporal cuddling with our cats, with a little cat yodeling thrown in as well. It has lost some of its initial effectiveness, however, because as my brother so lovingly puts it, we have “broken our cat’s spirit”. They are totally unfazed by corporal cuddling now, at least Abby and Tom are. There’s still some hope for Rabbit and Princess. Cat’s rock!

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