Change, the constant

I have a feeling one thing is ending while another might be beginning. Neither is related to the other, but change might as well all happen at once.

I’ve been mournfully awaiting the end of the first even before it began. I fear it might be closer than I first imagined. My heart aches, but part of me would be relieved to have certainty at last.

And now I am anxious about a new possibility on my plate, worried I might not be good enough after all—that my hopes might have been hanging high, much too high, for too long. What if it doesn’t happen as I hope? Can I still be content? Can I still move forward?

to #1: i’m afraid.

to #2: i’m afraid.

Just like me: easily giving in to my fears. I shouldn’t jump so far ahead of my reality.


2 thoughts on “Change, the constant

  1. You’re good enough! I find I am always afraid when I am about to leave the comfort of the status quo, even if the change is only a possibility. My knee-jerk reaction is always to reject change and keep everything as is. Most often, however, once I push myself past the fear and embrace the change I end up being very happy. The hardest part is always getting past the fear. Hang in there!

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