I’m uberspackle

Let me introduce you to “uberspackle”, a slang I made up years ago with Tray to describe something very special, and usually weird or funny. It stems from the words “über” and “special”.

This is why I am uberspackle:

  • I love talking into a fan. I did it all the time as a kid, and would make that weird vibrating voice and silly sounds.
  • During the winter I used to stand after my showers with my bare feet over the heating vent, letting the air woosh up my legs. I miss central air/heat!
  • I love that feeling I get after popping your ears when suddenly I can hear so much better! It’s like hearing a new world.
  • I absolutely love cracking my joints. My neck is probably the best, but when I get a good wrist crack to happen, I just looove that feeling.
  • If I keep any paper at all in my hands for over a minute, it will be folded, crunched, or lost. I have very “busy” hands.
  • I like chewing on my cuticles and biting my nails into little pieces. I’m so gross!
  • I talk to myself and sometimes can’t stop. I think aloud and have pretend conversations, sometimes even saying “And I’m talking to myself again” out loud, followed by “Shh!”… I mean, really, I’m a wacko.
  • I like dunking bread into liquids… and if it’s regular bread slices, I first crush them in my palm so they hold together. I used to snack on just bread and orange juice.
  • I only have a dining room set to please visitors, and because I wouldn’t know what to do with that space if a table wasn’t there. I never eat on it without company.

4 thoughts on “I’m uberspackle

  1. We have several of those “uberspackle” things in common! Most notably the talking to yourself thing. We have discussed this before, lol! I don’t even know when I’m doing it anymore, until I get caught, however, and then I get really embarrassed. And talking to a fan! I loved that as a kid! I still do it, to be honest, if I’m ever alone with a fan. :)

  2. Everything on your uberspackle list applies to me, too!
    (Except the shower/air/heater thing. Whatever. Just wash your hands afterwards and we shan’t speak of it.)

    Also, I hope in a small way that “uberspackle” turns out to mean, or be close to meaning, something entirely vulgar in German.

  3. So you dunked your bread into orange juice? Interesting…

    I also pretty much only have a dining room to please visitors, I really should try to utilize that space more on my own…

  4. I bite my nails and talk incessantly to myself as well. I’m pretty sure this is what “normal” people do, and all the weirdos keep their thoughts locked in their craniums. Also, talking into a fan is the coolest.

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