In my head

1) It’s gross when Diet Coke makes your own mouth taste like foot. I will not divulge how I know the taste of said appendage.

2) It’s also sad when you feel guilty for not staying hours after work for unpaid overtime because you actually have other commitments in life. So every time your boss says, “How’s that project going?” you want to whimper and find more hours in the day so you won’t be such a disappointment. On top of that, you’re resentful that any hint of disliking unpaid overtime is met with one of those, “well, you gotta do what needs doing” or “We all have busy times; it’s good to show initiative” talks. This is a job–not my life! I shouldn’t have to feel ashamed for desiring boundaries and compensation. I want to get the job done, but life sometimes keeps me from staying so long.

3) I’ve never had my hair this long before in my life. How does it get caught in and under everything? I need a haircut. A cheap one. The last time my hair was trimmed, I did it myself with a normal pair of scissors right before attending a friend’s wedding. Chop, chop!

4) Most recent recipe to whet my appetite: Spaghetti alla Carbonara


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