Plants for noobs

I do not have a green thumb. In fact, it’s whatever colour is opposite from green. anyone have a colour wheel?

But I love nature-ish things. I feel very at peace with trees, water, hills… things Julie Andrews would sing about. So, I want more green in my life!

Since I don’t have any outdoor space that is mine (darn apartment building), I am looking for trees and plants I can put inside my apartment to spruce things up. the downsides are that 1) I don’t get much light in here and 2) I’m afraid of plants dying from over-watering, under-watering, or all around neglect. I’m really going to work on #2, but #1 can’t be helped.

What trees/plants could I put in my apartment that wouldn’t die immediately from lack of direct sunlight? And please, don’t say cacti. I really want to take a step up from “you couldn’t kill this with an axe” types of plants.

Green = yay. Fake = nay.

How expensive would these plants be? Do I have to buy pots/holders as well? I’m so pitifully noobish at this…

Any help to offer??


4 thoughts on “Plants for noobs

  1. Well, the opposite of green in this instance is black…bad.

    But, if you went to a local florist and asked for a peace lily, you would soon own what I used to affectionately call my “no-kill plant”. When it starts to droop a little, you water it. Just use a pot (it will come in one) with some drain holes at the bottom, and you’ll have a hard time over-watering it.

  2. What he said. Dad had one in his office. It hates sun. He watered it on Friday before he went home for the weekend. Gets nice and large, big shiny green leaves, occasionally favors you with a nice white flower.

    I’d say ficus, but its tendency to lose all its leaves temporarily when it has to adjust to a new location would probably freak you out.

    And . . . there’s always fake as a placeholder. Not real, but no anxiety. Still offers that pretty green in the corner.

  3. Hey, there are a million different variations of ivy. They’re not hard to grow and you can start clippings very easily in some water. I would suggest going to a local greenhouse and just asking them. Tell them you’re new to planting and that you need indoor plants who don’t need a lot of sunlight and they will happily direct you to what you need.

    I love plants too. <3

  4. Peace plants also clean the air. We had one till Fergus ate it as a pup. He nicely fertilized the carpet with it later. Other good indoor plants are spiders, which hang and don’t need direct sun. Dieffenbachias are also good. By the way, if you have pots with drainage holes and some stones/pebbles in the bottom, you will need to get a pot with a saucer to catch any overflow of water. Also, you can now buy glass waterers, which have a bulb on one end and a long stem that goes into the dirt. The plant draws on the water as needed. When it’s empty, you simply refill. A package of three sells on the Shopping Channel up here for about $20.
    If you like fresh herbs, you might consider a mini herb garden. They are hardy, hard to kill, and offer a lot of choice. Don’t forget that the temp and humidity in your apt will play a role, just as much as the light quotient. There are books on indoor plants for different regions; it might be good to invest in one. They are relatively cheap. I don’t know if one of these would be good for you, but a terrarium is another idea. They are usually self-watering from condensation. Might be an idea for the bathroom.
    Bonne chance!
    Deb xoxo

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