I am: self.
I think: after speaking.
I know: I have worth.
I have: changed more than you know.
I wish: I was still an insider.
I hate: begging.
I miss: kissing.
I fear: dying a violent death.
I hear: milk is bad for my skin, but I drink it anyway.
I smell: popcorn and I gag.
I crave: pizza.
I search: in the darkness without a flashlight.
I wonder: if getting up will ever get easier.
I regret: not making exercise part of my daily life.
I love: possible change.
I ache: from doing nothing.
I am not: honest with everyone.
I believe: that love is the highest calling of the human race.
I dance: in the car, at my desk, naked (not all at the same time ;) ).
I sing: without even realizing it.
I cry: more now than I did a year ago.
I fight: old habits and often lose.
I win: when I stop fearing.
I lose: patience at work too often.
I never: stay on one train of thought at a time.
I always: procrastinate.
I confuse: myself.
I listen: best when I’m not multitasking.
I can usually be found: without yelling.
I am scared: of not being loved without conditions.
I need: affirmation.
I am happy about: most of the election results.
I imagine: my life with someone else.


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