My life was dawdling in the Narthex of Cool (NC) before, but now it’s breaking all kinds of barriers into the Inner Sanctum of Radical (ISR).

It’s the little things, really: I just scored a bluetooth headset for 50% off when it wasn’t even on sale in the first place; I’m into a totally amazing guy and may get to be his totally amazing girlfriend; Christmas with my family was great, and I adore them because they’re just as nutty as I am; I get to go to Germany in one month!  I’m becoming more gutsy and honest about how happy I am with my life changes lately; My step-sister and I are real friends which adds to the very short list of women whom I trust with my true self; I’m having one of the easiest work weeks I’ve had in months (sorry CTI, I won’t bleed overtime this week!); My college friend just got engaged; and I found a great bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding.

And hell, the sun was shining today.

Welcome to the ISR.


3 thoughts on “Kickass!

  1. I seem to have found another spot: the inner sanctum of cool. Temp set lowish for conservation purposes, alone in the living room all day and looking out at that glorious, beautiful, wonderful snow!!!
    Did I mention the super snow?
    Jules, I miss e-talking with you. May I humbly ask to be at the edge of your inner sanctum, peering in through a small window?
    I need you, dearest wench, to give me a glimpse of a changed life. I’ve lived through enough crap with A. that nothing surprises me any more. I’m a couch radical, desperate to write all that I feel. In fact, if I can get someone to set up a web site for me, I’m going to write about sports and politics. All my family venting will have to be in a private journal, because the shit would hit the fan big time. So it will be about things that will still cause argument, but it won’t be personal attacks. Though an evil part of me wants to tell some people what I really think of them and their “well-meant” advice. I haven’t come up with a name for my site; the working title is or themoosesays/speaks/knows/rocks What do you think? I thought of but wondered if it would be considered a porn site.
    I do like it, though.
    Thinking of you A LOT.
    D xoxo

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