My life was dawdling in the Narthex of Cool (NC) before, but now it’s breaking all kinds of barriers into the Inner Sanctum of Radical (ISR).

It’s the little things, really: I just scored a bluetooth headset for 50% off when it wasn’t even on sale in the first place; I’m into a totally amazing guy and may get to be his totally amazing girlfriend; Christmas with my family was great, and I adore them because they’re just as nutty as I am; I get to go to Germany in one month!  I’m becoming more gutsy and honest about how happy I am with my life changes lately; My step-sister and I are real friends which adds to the very short list of women whom I trust with my true self; I’m having one of the easiest work weeks I’ve had in months (sorry CTI, I won’t bleed overtime this week!); My college friend just got engaged; and I found a great bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding.

And hell, the sun was shining today.

Welcome to the ISR.


Two legs + Four Legs

A whipping breeze stung my cheeks, flicking my hair up off of my shoulders in unorganized sections and tangling the strands into nervous knots. A long day’s work had become a long night’s, and I was ready to retreat home–to forget it all in the sunken warmth of my pillow.

Without dull orange street lamps to flood the deserted parking lot with light, my vision remained dim within the shadows. I slipped a cramped hand into my fleece pocket, curling my thumb into the ring of my keychain. It rattled. Something ducked in front of me.

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Morning: Arg! Evening: Woot! Me: Tired

I’m exhausted. In all, I worked 13.5 hours today. My feet ache, I haven’t eaten since lunch, and my brain seems to be sloshing around between my ears. I really need to decompress, but it’s so close to bedtime that I might just have to go relax in my dreams. I haven’t worked a day this long since those crazy times in Georgia on the Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius set. Thankfully, this didn’t involve getting up at 4:00AM. One thing I’m grateful for is that this kind of day is an anomaly.

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