aka grub. aka food.

I may never know a more pronounced dichotomy in my life as the one I experience with food. I love it, crave it, relish in its tastes and textures, spend most of my money on it, and greatly enjoy how it can bring people together. However, I also loathe its power over my body, mind, and habits; I hate what it does to my savings. My lack of self-control leads to an adverse body image, pessimistic outlook on my future health, discomfort, and social prejudice from those who dislike fat chicks.

So, what about food? It’s love/hate for me. And I think the way to turn it into Love/Love is to change myself: learn control, sacrifice, and budgeting so my portions are smaller, my wallet bigger, and my body healthier. Two major hurdles are adding excercise into my routine so I’m burning off more calories than I eat, and not splurging on fast food or meals out with friends to save money and be healthier.

Check out my inspirations for these thoughts:

One woman spent $30 in 30 days on food–starting from scratch and not spending a penny more. It’s a very interesting experiment, and her blog is a pleasurable and educational read. Read her blog.

Time Magazine did a photo essay on What the World Eats, based on this book. Not only does it give faces and visuals to cultures with which we may not be familiar, but it illustrates just how much we have and just how little we may actually need. See Part 1 and Part 2.


Filed away

I filed my taxes.

Uncle Sam is a stingy, dirty old man.

boo hiss.

yes, money can make you sick

… if you’re an idiot like me.

I am so nauseous because of my own lazy ignorance. Last year I got a Flexible Spending Account so I would be able to get my contacts and glasses with some tax-free money. Well, that’s about as far as my knowledge of my FSA went. I thought I was making a smart decision by planning ahead for something my insurance doesn’t cover. Well, I didn’t go to the optometrist last year. I didn’t get my much-needed glasses replacement and contact lenses.

You can see where this is going.

Oh yes, folks. I’m an idiot. Today I learned that if you don’t spend all the money in your FSA, all that cash is forfeited to the company who handles your FSA. Where did I think it went? I have no idea.

I made a $400 mistake.

I’m going to retch.