Oh my goodness! My sister is engaged! It all happened last night. I am overcome with excitement and happiness for her. She deserves the very best, and I think they will be very good together for years to come. But now, what am I to do? This is my buddy-for-life!

I know I will be a little sad when she begins her new career, marries, and settles in North Carolina. It reminds me of when I was 9 and having a panic attack about growing up. I was afraid of this—of “losing” people as they moved on. But it’s gotten much easier since then. I’ve learned that lifelong friends (and my sister is one of my most treasured friends) can go through almost any development and still feel connected, able to be close whenever they’re together again. So that is what I believe she and I will have no matter where we live or what changes happen in life.

Congratulations to my beloved, treasured, and admired older sister! I love you! And to her fiance, you are a good man, and I can’t wait to be your sister (and mortal enemy—we need to keep up appearances!).



This is a shout-out to my amazing sister who just graduated from Physician Assistant school! To cut the pomp short: you kick serious butt, I love ya, and I have this weird ringing in my ears—what do you think it is?

P.S. The same congratulations to my aunt who just graduated from P.A. school as well! So proud of you both!!

Twenty-five bottles of Dew on the wall!

Now that’s an inane song I could enjoy singing for a while. Of course by the time I finished I would have enough of a caffeine buzz to shave a man’s head with my teeth.
Ouch. That line fell as flat as the pop on my wall. Moving along!

That’s right folks. I’ve been outside of the womb for one quarter of a century.
I am now, suddenly, less of a risk to the public. My car insurance is going down, and I can rent cars without extra fees. For your practical application: you shouldn’t feel so nervous about meeting me on the road anymore. One day—or even one hour—makes a load of difference according to the powers that be.

So take one down, pass it around … and recycle the bottle in the proper receptacle, please! I’d like this earth to be around for my next 25 years.