The old has gone

Photo by MahPadilha

Photo by MahPadilha

Long neglected, this blog has become a dusty book dropped behind the sofa of real life. In other words, I’ve let it go. Like any mess, if I don’t look at it, it disappears from my care. I don’t mind this, you see. Letting go and moving on seems to me the most desirable action when I feel disconnected and finished with a stage of life or hobby.This blog and its years of history are being purposefully placed on the tall shelf where memories belong.

So here we are. And here I go…


for you fans

It’s a good thing I keep renewing or (judging by my visitor statistics) most of you wouldn’t know where my blog is really located.

For those of you who haven’t updated your links or bookmarks in the past decade, it’s:

One day I might go back to a domain; but seeing as I do web development at work, I don’t have any desire to come home and think up new ways to express myself on the internet.

I’ll probably keep for a long time, but I wanted to help you lazy linkers out there just in case I change my mind and you wonder why your bookmark is suddenly pointed to a site called “400k. One short of your retirement.”


Very simple update, folks. I added my bookmark RSS feed to the sidebar so all of you can constantly see what catches my eye as I surf the randomness of the web. Enjoy exploring!