what we want

A friend of mine referred me to a book by Mike Bickle titled the Seven Longings of the Human Heart. I did some searching around for a synopsis just in case I wanted to pluck it up—or at least keep an eye open for it on the Free Book Shelves here at work. Books like this tend to cycle through fairly regularly.

Bickle’s premise is aimed at the seasoned Christian reader (probably evangelical, though I can’t explain why I get that impression exactly). The most basic message seems to be that in God, all of these pure desires can be fulfilled. And further: that if we become close and intimate with the God who loves us, we won’t be in despair when we can’t find our deepest desires fulfilled by imperfect people or temporary pleasures in this world. I’m sure there’s more to it, but I suppose we should all read it for ourselves to find out.

From what I’ve read so far (which I admit is not enough), a non-Christian or even a new believer might get lost in the christianese vocabulary and tone. I want to open this topic up to people of all belief systems, since I think these most basic desires do apply to all of us.

See the seven desires after the cut.

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